Cultural Heritage

The state is endowed with a rich cultural heritage. Various kinds of festivals are held in the state.

Traditional Festival

Almost every village celebrates a traditional festival and this draws both indigenes and non-indigenes to the village.

Tourist Centres

Delta State boasts of quite a number of hotels for the comfort of visitors. These hotels are located in all major towns in the State.

Directorate of culture and tourism.Fascinating palaces, historic sites, monuments, birthplaces of famous people, traditional festival, crafts centres – name it – are all here.


The people of Delta are known for their hospitality and accommodating attitude. The major tribes in the State basically have identical customs, beliefs and cultures.

The cultural identity is manifested in their festivals and traditional marriage ceremonies, while certain words are common to many tribes. The inhabitants of Delta State are either Christians or African Traditional Religionists with very few Muslims.


Delta State is endowed with a rich cultural heritage culminating in the existence of a variety of traditional festivals which are celebrated as an annual community affair throughout the various local governments. Almost every village celebrates traditional festivals that bring both indigenes and non-indigenes together. Most festivals take place between March and December every year and they offer occasions for re-uniting family, friends and well wishers from far and near.

We have successfully rehabilitated the Pavilion at the Arts Council, which we met in a very dilapidated condition and lacked patronage from the public. We also took time to go the Anchorage, a tourist location in Delta State, where we did some renovation and now the place is a beauty to behold.

My dream is to take tourism in Delta to a world class standard. One of the ways I intend to go about it is by partnering with the private sector. So far we have received encouraging proposals from various corporate entities regarding the proposed Film Village and we are taking our time to consider their offers. Any moment from now, our plans will come to fruition and Deltans will enjoy the best offerings of its vibrant tourism opportunities and destinations and cultural diversity.


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