About us

About The Directorate

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism as it was originally known was created on the 27th of March 2001. In 2007, it’s nomenclature was changed to the Directorate of Culture and Tourism while it retained it’s functions and responsibilities and also continued to be headed by a Commissioner. The Directorate which was carved out of the Ministry of Information and Culture, Commerce and Industry was carved out for the purpose of having a more direct approach at the effective implementation of its functions.

The Directorate is distinguished from other MDAs by reason of its natural and cultural features which play a very active role in the human existence, having a tinge of the supernatural.

In summary, the Directorate exists to ensure that the interaction of the State with other civilizations doesn’t erode our cultural values, while highlighting and promoting the beautiful terrain of the State through Tourism.

  • Vision Statement:

Delta State, the preferred tourist destination


Policy Thrust

  • To develop and promote the internal Tourism potentials of the State in order to make Delta the preferred tourism destination in Africa; and
  • To preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of the State.

This is with the intention of transforming the sector to becoming a key player that occupies the centre stage in the economic matrix of the State in line with the SMART agenda of the current administration.