Corpers Corner: The sculptor who sculpted his way into the Commissioner’s Office.

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By Fidelia Femi-Adedoyin

The Honourable Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Engr. Lawrence Ejiofor has encouraged Corpers to stay focused and make their service year count.

He made this statement when he received a portrait of himself sketched by a Batch B, stream 2, Corper by the name Ikilo Osakpolo who serves in the Directorate.

Ikilo Osakpolo Augustine who hails from Benin is a Sculptor, a graduate of the University of Benin where he studied Fine and Applied Art.

Osas as he is popularly called says growing up in Benin helped to develop his desire to be an artist as the Benin culture is intertwined with the art.

Osas is currently a youth Corper in Delta State serving with the Directorate of Culture and Tourism. His work was brought into lime light in his new environment when he draw a pencil portrait of the Honourable Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Engr. Lawrence Ejiofor.

Osas said he was inspired by the person he perceives the Commissioner is; hardworking, committed and humble and he desired to identify with him. He disclosed that he had always wanted to meet with the Commissioner but he needed to find a way to do so.

Painting the Commissioner’s portrait, certainly opened the way for him as the popular saying goes, the gift of a man makes way for him. Osas not only met the Commissioner but had a handshake and a photograph with him, which was a dream come true.

Osas who is very passionate about the arts says he desires to help people in this part of the world shift from their myopic ways of viewing art. He said to do that, he intends to create a reality show for artists which he already test runned while in school. He believes that this would open more people up to the vast possibilities and beauty that abound in the arts.

Osas currently works with a studio in Benin called Edo Global Art center and has been opportune to be interviewed by BBC, meet with various influencial people such as the German and French Ambassador, British high, Commissioner to Nigeria, among others.

His advice to the youth of today is that money is not everything. It is not the goal, it is only a means to an end. He said they should stay focused on making impact and pursuing their original dreams which they nursed as kids.

Such an interesting young man. The real¬† interpretation of ‘a man’s gift makes room for him’. You think Ikilo the Sculptor can sculpt his way through life to a place of influence? Leave your comments in the box below.

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