By Fidelia Ben-Udi

The Delta State Government has embarked on a study tour to some tourist destinations within the Country to ascertain most probable options for effective management of the State’s Legacy Project, Leisure Park.


With the project at its conclusive phase, the State Government through the State Tourism Board has been on its toes to ensure it is committed into capable hands for sustainability and economic viability.


Meeting with some prospects during the tour, the Honourable Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Lawrence Ejiofor in company of the General Manager, Tourism Board, Josephine Ogbolu and some members of staff, took a brief tour within and outside the State.


The purpose of the tour being to see what the prospects are, based on already running projects similar and to Delta’s Leisure Park, as this would give the government a heads up in deciding the mark for required skill set and capability levels for a likely concessioner.


Putting into consideration the several angles to the technicalities of running a project of that magnitude, it was necessary to look into the day to day running of the park and the zoo and all it entails. Discoveries include the level of power needed to be in place for optimum functionality.


It was noted that the whole project would be needing more than the four generator plants currently on ground and a solar back up in addition, as power currently constitutes the most challenge to businesses in the Country.


Other technicalities unveiled were the need for suitable hands in the management of the zoo and fortification of the cage(s) to avoid escape of animals and other mishaps across the entire park, plus, proper information management; the need to enact strict online payment systems to minimize leakages and ensure that at least 90% of the income is captured.


Also, the team was enlightened on the need to arrive at favourable agreements with the concessioner in the aspect of innovations; constantly bringing in new additions on board to what is on ground currently, like rides, animals, new sections entirely.


Reacting to this insight, the Commissioner reiterated the State Government’s desire and due diligence for capable hands who would bring in their wealth of knowledge and experience to bear, as it would justify the huge investment and ensure returns.


He said the expectation of the Okowa led administration for the Leisure Park and Film Village is for them to flourish, and become a one stop shop for recreation, creation, the Nollywood and indeed Delta State the prefered tourist destination, constantly adding value to the society.


Ejiofor also said that the decision on who to manage the project is already underway and is unbiased and based on a prospect’s antecedence on the field in question.


Lending her voice to the Commissioner’s, the GM stated that “being bounded by neighbouring states, it is no doubt that the location is favourable for business, but other aspects must be tidied up nicely so that no stone is left unturned in ensuring a boom for the project”.


She added, “we are all ready to inaugurate the project in the near future and welcome the world to Delta”

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